Conduspar, a Brazilian company that completes 32 years of market in 2018, is practically present in all market segments, with a wide range of power and telecommunication cables.

With a production area of more than 100,000 m², the company is located in São José dos Pinhais, in the state of Paraná, and has a logistics structure to serve the entire Brazilian and Latin American market. Its strategic location allows fast flow of products through the main roads of the country and the port of Paranaguá.

For us, the excellence in logistics and the commitment to the attention to the expectations of the clients represent a great strategic advantage.



Each one of us is committed – with Conduspar, with society and with itself – for the quality of our efforts, assuming the responsibility of developing our corporate culture and sharing our VALUES.


We will do what is right and not just what is necessary. We act ethically and justly in honoring our commitments. We are individually and collectively responsible for everything that happens to us. Truth and transparency prevail in all situations. We respect life in all its forms, manifestations and situations. We guarantee principles of respect for differences, non-discrimination and equal opportunities. We strive for the total absence of protectionism and privileges.


We act with professionalism and focus on results, inspiring reliability to our brand. We are optimistic and entrepreneurs by nature, confident of the possibility of doing better. We set the highest standard of reference for everything we do, and pursue truly challenging goals. We cultivate the improvement and we look tirelessly for solutions that contribute to the reach of our objectives. The incessant quest for excellence is what drives us to be the benchmark in our segment.


We are convinced that no one makes great achievements only with good ideas. We work better with the coordinated effort, sharing visions and multiplying our strengths. We value individual excellence, but we strive for teamwork and collective achievement. We are responsible for the development of our peers, convinced that their weaknesses are ours. We create a lot of space for opinion and no dissent. We are a team!


We inspire and create positive changes around us motivated by the spirit of innovation. We challenge conventional wisdom, challenge our assumptions, and create new opportunities. We value the creativity and perseverance of searching incessantly for the best result. We transform new ideas into reality to better serve our clients, and we act with enthusiasm before the challenges.


The people and their talents are the competitive difference of Conduspar. We focus on the integral evolution of the human being by generating opportunities through training and alignment of purposes. We encourage continuous development to build an environment conducive to learning. Humility and simplicity characterize our actions and decisions towards evolution. We believe in education as a source of transformation and sustainable development.